Of course we want to know which hotels are absolutely destroying the social media game right now. It’s 2020 and every business and their owner is on social media. The most obvious accounts that are killing it are all fashion related, which is to be expected, but what about an industry less easy to showcase from so many angles, but equally aesthetically focused? How do hotels do well on social media?

It’s long been my opinion that any industry can be reduced to an Instagram-friendly visual strategy based on sound bites and wish fulfillment, even boring B2B companies wholesaling and manufacturing.

The hotel industry, however, while it may not seem as stimulating as fashion models, is not a boring manufacturing industry. It’s rarely ever even B2B focused, and it should be as exciting as fashion models, because the great thing about hotels are: they are, by definition, buildings dressed to be as appealing as fashion models.

8 Hotels Killing Instagram

Digitally marketing a hotel takes all the pain of bookings away and leaves the joy of showing off comfort, style, luxury, and lifestyle. It’s the world where fashion models go to find reprieve, dreamers escape the real world, and the elite transition from pampering to more pampering.

So what does it really take to do well on social media as a hotel, embodying all these ideas into practical digital marketing solutions?

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples on Instagram in 2020 – and as we do, note that consistency, beyond any bias toward style, is the most important factor throughout.

  1. Plaza Athenee (@plaza_athenee)

A great rule for having an appealing page on Instagram is to have a thematic constant throughout the feed. Plaza Athenee’s page does this tastefully, with key pops of red in nearly, if not every photo on the feed. Never mind that their pictures are always clean cut and styled just as tastefully; the key red makes it uniquely theirs and wonderfully captures their proprietary color scheme.

Taking advantage of their highly attractive proximity to the Eiffel Tower, Plaza Athenee performs another Instagram – or rather, marketing in general – trick for appealing to their demographic and includes the iconic frequently in their content. Finally, solidifying their status, a great many of the photos feature the proud, white, and meticulously sculpted facade of their building.

8 Hotels Killing Instagram

  2. Priesteregg (@bergdorf_priesteregg)

Staying in tune with your own brand’s colors, as well as the color tone for all published media being the same, are two more features that help brands be recognized on social media. The goal is to garner engagement from followers because they know who posted the photo / video without having to see the handle, and if any resort has pulled this off, it’s Priesteregg.

A page for a winter resort in Austria, they capture their wood grey and white with almost every photo including some of the exposed wood of their structures. The constant presence of snow helps the pristine sharpness of the brand shine through, while touches of blue bring just enough warmth to the scene that it has a welcoming vibe.

  3. Casa Cook Hotels (@casacookhotels)

Defining the modern bohemian in their various designs, Casa Cook Hotels stays loyal to a neutral palette and artfully simple shots that showcase both their locations and culture effortlessly. Opting for a more pragmatic approach with their aesthetic, the sparse guests-styled photos give an individualistic feel and appeal. 

It’s modern, it’s desert, it’s luxury.

8 Hotels Killing Instagram

  4. Hotel Figueroa Downtown LA (@hotelfigueroa)

Humble and local, Hotel Figueroa is a big part of the downtown LA area it inhabits. It supports local artists and musicians, and hosts community-centered gatherings in its venue.


My hat goes off to Hotel Figueroa for finding a creative solution to an otherwise boring feed, by expertly framing their photos and then combining the feed so to truly appreciate the full mosaic, one must visit their profile. The reason I don’t mark that as a disadvantage is because while the whole piece is better appreciated seen in full, when one piece at a time is posted, it looks like a photo in a nice, ornate frame on its own. Not all such feeds are well done, but I appreciated the effects theirs had. Good job, Figueroa.

  5. Firehouse Hotel (@firehousehotel)

Next on the list is Firehouse Hotel. Another understated page, representing a hotel in a non-conspicuous location that got organized, and produced an enjoyable Instagram experience.

Meet the quaint spot nestled in LA’s art district that boasts a stark feed of primary colors and some complementing shades. Along the same tactic as Hotel Figueroa, Firehouse Hotel chose to frame their photos in block colors and post them individually. The effect is pleasing to the organized mind, and appealing to the artistic retro one. Their individual captures stay abstract, like the rest of their brand, and the result is a palpable vibe. Despite this not being my personal style or taste, I cannot help but admire their execution with so little.

8 Hotels Killing Instagram

  6. Ascot Hotel (@ascot_hotel_copenhagen)

Speaking of personal taste… enter the Ascot Hotel of Copenhagen. Isolating each photo in their feed doesn’t mean seeing an array of artistically intricate messages, but – and this is very important – they are properly done. I cannot know if it was an architectural photographer they hired for a long photo series and are simply running through all the photos they got, or they have someone on-site continuously taking the right photos on their iPhone, but I can say with certainty that it’s the same set of eyes and fingers producing the works, and they do an excellent job.

The architectural shots are all framed with gorgeous composition that accentuates the design of each room the way it was built to be seen. The product photos are artful and cling to the overall branding, and the quality of the building materials are distinct – almost like the viewer can touch the gleaming metal and feel the texture in the blanket.

8 Hotels Killing Instagram

  7. Hotel Panache (@hotelpanache)

Another Paris location, this hotel used a symbol of hospitality as their constant theme – and I love how it pulls in the eye.

Idyllic and dated, the hotel offers a decor reminiscent of a post-war stay in France – without the ravage of war. Just period-wallpaper designs and a wrought iron bed frame in every room. Imagine The Outlander, in the hotel the couple stayed at in the first episode, in Scotland – but sophisticated and upgraded for quality. I particularly like the theme of this Instagram page because of the bed, first and foremost, but also because they so tactfully remember to include key points of their hospitality services every week, without fail; food, room, and board (the location itself).

8 Hotels Killing Instagram

  8. The Williamsburg Hotel (@wburghotel)

Last but not least, we have the Williamsburg Hotel.

So stylish and bougie is she, one might never guess what Williamsburg used to look like… and still does in many parts. With reclaimed surfaces, exposed brick, and the height of trendy furnishings, the Williamsburg Hotel’s Instagram features the absolute cutest gimmick of all: a fluffy puppy! Quite apropos to feel like you’re Tiffany in Breakfast at Tiffany’s during your stay, while you sip on champagne and watch the city that never sleeps bustle beneath you.


Of course, there are so many amazing hotel profiles on Instagram, and so many aspects of a good presence to discuss, this is only an ice shaving, so be sure to check back for more. Send me a message if there’s a category of pages you’d want me to talk about next – or a whole new list of hotels that are killing their social media game right now I missed!

– Slavy

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