Welcome back for more updates on 2019 social media updates and how they affect your hotel. In the last piece, we talked about the most recent changes and updates from Facebook and Instagram and how they can directly affect your returns. This time we’ll delve lightly into the most relevant changes on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 




  • Go Live with Guests


What is it? As the name suggests, going live with your guests is when you do a live video on Twitter and your audience is able to join you on your broadcast. 

They have to send a request once your live video is up and running, but, once approved, they’re live streaming right with you! You can have up to 3 guests on at once. 


How does it affect my hotel? As discussed in the previous 2019 update, tools, live, and stories are all the rage and are only becoming more popular. What could be better than having actual guests that are staying in your hotel come on a live video, with you, before your audience? Or how about past guests?

#lilac Social Media Marketing for Luxury Hotels

  • Media Not Included in Character Count


What is it? The world rejoiced when Twitter finally released all its character spaces from media’s grip. It now posts images as frequently as before too. Still, it’s nice that the space taken up by the media is no longer counts towards the limited character spaces available in Tweets. 


How does it affect my hotel? Twitter doesn’t have the best return for organic engagement. Even so, if you already have an established page, take advantage of the increased space. Be sure to be posting images and videos in your Twitter feed as well. 




  • New Still Images


What is it? Still images as ads on the homepage of YouTube. Why? In their own words: “Discovery ads are a simple and effective way to tap into the power of YouTube – and you don’t even need a video. Just upload your best images from your social campaign, then we’ll optimize your media mix for maximum performance across Gmail, Discover and the YouTube Home feed. The YouTube Home feed has long been a great place for users to discover their next favorite creator, and it can be a great place for them to discover your brand, too.” 


How does it affect my hotel? Now you don’t have to produce great video to catch the attention of the billions of users on YouTube! 

#lilac Social Media Marketing for Luxury Hotels

  • Testing 6-Second Ad Variants


What is it? It’s really more about the software called Bumper Machine, than about YouTube. Bumper Machine takes long ads (anywhere from 12 to 90 seconds long) and reduces them to 6 seconds or so, while retaining the key elements of the selling point. 


How does it affect my hotel? If you’re already using video ads on YouTube, you should know that there’s no reason for them to ever be longer than 6 seconds. Create ads carefully and well, and let the Machine reduce it so that YouTubers will actually watch it. 



  • Changes to “Preferred Ads”


What is it? YouTube has been involved in more than its fair share of controversies, and many of them surrounded their ad algorithm; inappropriate placement, or ill-targeting. Being owned by Google, it’s a little hard to forgive, given Google’s prowess in the ad field. 

At Brandcast, YouTube announced that it’s adding more elements to the P-Score process:

“Tonight, we shared that we’re adding two new ways to help the P-Score be even more useful to brands. There’s platform (for videos frequently watched on larger screens) and production (for content that has higher production values like advanced camera work or sound quality) to bring more high-quality inventory into Google Preferred.”


How does it affect my hotel? As mentioned previously, hotels should be leveraging video power, especially through YouTube. Now is the time to be taking those videos to ad through YouTube.

#lilac Social Media Marketing for Luxury Hotels



  • New Meeting Planner Tool in Messaging


What is it? Possibly the greatest tweak to ever come to LinkedIn, the new meeting planner tool allows people to schedule meetings with each other from directly inside their app. Since LinkedIn is a magnet for the modern professional, and scheduling is a big part of a professional’s life, it only makes sense for LI to offer this tool. It’s incredibly helpful that it’s right in the messaging. 


How does it affect my hotel? It will hopefully impact your sales and administrative staff on LinkedIn and help them have a more streamlined process when networking online. 



  • Added Photo Tagging


What is it? Is this Facebook? Is it 2010? No, LinkedIn’s only just joining the 21st century with some of their more social-centric features, like photo tagging. Probably because of a fear of looking less serious as a professionals’ website if they did it sooner, LinkedIn’s value has earned it a place in the experimental and expansion world. 


How does it affect my hotel? When hosting an event or such time at your location, take advantage of the quantity – and often quality – of guests attending; post the photos and tag them in it to garner more engagement and reach on the post, and subsequently on your profile. 


#lilac Social Media Marketing for Luxury Hotels


  • Acquired Data Platform for Better Targeting


What is it? LinkedIn’s advertising has been notoriously abysmal for a long time, but recently it’s improved. This improvisation can largely be attributed to LinkedIn’s purchase of Drawbridge, a data analytics company, which they acquired for the express desire to improve their ad targeting.


How does it affect my hotel? As a platform made for professionals, there’s rarely a platform with a higher concentration of potential customers. Take advantage of these ads now. 




What is it? LinkedIn has always tried to provide detailed analytics for the engagement you receive on its platform, but it’s never been the greatest. Recent updates rolled out for the analytics specifically show more detailed information for more specific posts. 


How does it affect my hotel? You shouldn’t actually be making any content building or activity generating decisions without first reviewing your analytics closely. You want to speak to your audience. Your audience is telling you exactly what about you they like with their behavior. Consult it to perform better and see better results. 

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