About Hashtag

A boutique social media marketing service

When the world revolves around social media, finding the right help with it can seem daunting. Whom to trust? Who really knows what they’re doing? Which tactic will actually make your brand stand out?

With a service structure for every stage of your digital marketing, we take the complications and vague jargon out of it, and give you a clear understanding of your unique needs.

Get ready to begin your social media journey, one careful step at a time.

About Slavy

Believer of authenticity

Founder Slavy Darozhkin fell into the social media world by a happy accident.

After becoming a trustworthy photographer for many a brand, her role began to change as they started to ask for social media advice too. Not one to perform as half-rate, Slavy studied diligently and became an expert in social media knowledge before practicing and becoming an expert with a portfolio to boot.

SirenPhoto dissolved and Hashtag Lilac was born.

Since its inception, #lilac has grown into a team of creative and conscientious digital masters of marketing.

Get in touch today to find out how #lilac can help YOUR business’s social media and online presence.

Let's make you look good online!