About Hashtag

"You wouldn't have your mechanic do your taxes... so why do you have your secretary doing your social media?"

The informal setting of social media platforms gives businesses the false sense that benefitting commercially from it as as simple as a 10-step infograph on Pinterest.

Benefitting from social media marketing as a business actually looks more like a 10-step program from a Sisyphean college:

Step 1: Be creative

Step 2: Master traditional marketing

Step 3: Master tech understanding of all social media platforms

Step 4: Master social media sub-culture

Step 5: Master your industry-specific marketing techniques

Step 6: Dedicate time to study all afore-mentioned subjects for the foreseeable future

Step 7: Create a brand strategy

Step 8: Create a calendar-based strategy

Step 9: Create periodic marketing bursts (events / sales)

Step 10: Maintain an active presence on a daily basis on all your company’s’ profiles

And let’s be real: who actually has the time for that when you’re trying to run a business?

Well… we do actually. Lucky for you, it’s our business to make the time for your business.

About Slavy

When we bring the buyers, can you seal the deal?

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we always deliver on are:

  • Views & Reach
  • Clicks, Saves, & Follows
  • Web Visits & Google Results

This means you can trust that your potential paying customers will be eyeing your business. With our help or not, your professional business is on, or is going to be on, social media.

Make sure it’s professionally handled.

Let's make you look good online!