(by Emma Collins)

Technology has made everything around us more and more dynamic. Everything going digital allowed different businesses to establish their own global platforms. Doing so helped them reach a wider audience through social media. 

The hotel industry started thriving even more under the new era of modernization and digitalization that changed the world forever. 

As 2020 comes to a close, everyone can testify how much of a challenge it has been — the decline of jobs, closing of almost every establishment, etc. This caused the loss of tourists and customers for most hotels as everyone was advised to stay home when the spread of COVID-19 caused a global pandemic. 

Best Hotel Social Media Campaigns of 2020However, hotels have strived to stay afloat. They did this by adapting to the new normal and slowly reopening their doors, as they apply different strategies to get customers back to them.

One evident way to show how much hotels have adapted to 2020 is how they could smoothly transition to incorporating social media marketing into their overall strategy. We gathered some posts of hotels worldwide to look back to the best hotel social media campaigns of 2020:

One with Nature Literally!

Best Hotel Social Media Campaigns

Giraffe Manor has incorporated a unique touch in their intriguing clip that portrays what their guests would experience during their stay at the hotel. Featured by Hotels and Resorts (@hotelsandresorts on Instagram), the lady in the video is seen eating inside her room while giraffes eat with her by reaching the plates on the table from the window.

Creativity at Its Finest – Masked Edition

The Mark in New York has adapted to the new normal and has taken advantage of it to depict a more accurate and timely post to engage their prospective guests. Using graphic design for advertisement is always a good idea, and who would not be able to resist a cute, masked puppy? This campaign is both witty and funny.

Weddings and Events and the New Normal

Best Hotel Social Media Campaigns

It’s fun to see that the hotels have started adapting to the new normal and could even hold ceremonies and events such as weddings. Leblanc Hotel and Resort promoted safety in their events as the Philippines ease up their quarantine measures by posting a photo of their newlyweds wearing fun masks.

The More, the Merrier Indeed!

Mandarin Oriental did a great job in promoting their hotel through collaboration with Manifesto Media to capture the genuinity of their hotel, inviting guests to book their rooms this holiday season. They have also used their unique hashtag, leading their audience and making their future posts more easily located on the web.

Channeling Your Inner Foodie

Best hotel social media campaignsWhat’s so good about Rosewood Beijing hotel’s Facebook posts is that they exhibit the classic aesthetic, visually stimulating photos of their hotel and services as well as the available menu, promoting them while also boosting their visibility by applying the basic strategies of social media marketing such as including necessary hashtags in their captions. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by these enticing dishes?

Self Reflection Done Right

Taj Hotels showcased their services with a promotional video that also dives into personalization and interaction. Directing with a call-to-action caption, they ended their advertisement with their unique hashtag #TajHotels to leave a print on Instagram. 

The Show Goes on to the New Normal

Best Hotel Social Media CampaignsCapella Ubud hotel in Bali, Indonesia, successfully showcased their services and how their staff takes precaution and abides by the pandemic safety protocols all in one frame. An Instagram-worthy photo indeed!

Engagement with the Audience

Best hotel social media campaignsIt is said that 97% of millennials share their vacation photos through posts on social media. Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi resort and hotels showed how fun the experience could be if we stay at their rooms by engaging with users, viewing and reposting their posts with their experience and photos. 

Putting user-generated content to good use by either liking, sharing, or retweeting your guests’ content is a huge green flag in social media marketing!

Virtual Stories!

Stories had been a huge part of Instagram and Facebook since its inception a few years ago. They’re photos, videos, or text you post on your profile that disappear after 24 hours. About 62% of people said they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories. 

It brings personalization to your hotel, especially if you design it in a way they can relate to, such as adding GIFs and quirky stickers. It’s also an excellent way to promote events happening in your hotel as they happen.

Kudos to Shangrila Plaza for real-time coverage of their events with lots of stories!

How Influencers Influence

Best hotel social media campaigns

Aside from user-generated content, which influences 53% of Millennials’ purchasing decisions, influencers play a huge role in drawing the attention of prospective guests to your hotel. Influencers, especially those who hold a large platform, would significantly help engagement with your hotel.

Marriot Hotels proved to know a thing or two about influencer marketing and how vital it is to stay on top of the industry they’re in; all while maintaining the travel aesthetic. 

Promos, Promos, Promos!

One thing that is certain to invite customers is discounts and promotions. Artemis Place Makati in the Philippines resorted to direct advertisement through Facebook, enticing their audience with a staycation discount for a limited period as they opened their doors to the public again.

From Hotel Reviews to Revenue

Despite the world going into lockdown, COMO The Treasury hotel in Australia was named a Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice winner in several categories. This signifies the willingness of their guests to leave reviews of their hotel experience. 

Best Hotel Social Media Campaigns of 2020Even amidst the pandemic, they were still able to achieve awards and posting this recognition on social media promotes not only their services but also boosts their credibility.

A Woofing Advertisement

When The Hoxton Paris first announced that they will now allow dogs in their rooms without additional chargeback in 2018, they published a witty website advertisement and a Facebook post promoting it. The weirder (in a good way) your post is, the more it attracts viewers, indeed.

The campaign continues to this day and has delighted the guests who have brought their pets during their stay.

Social media marketing would only become more and more incorporated into every business for the coming years. It’s a great idea to get a head start in the game like what these hotels did, but staying atop it is more vital.

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