Why we’re different

With deep roots in artistic production, #lilac founder Slava Darozhkin, spent years as a full-time photographer before launching Hashtag Lilac Media LLC.
The years of experience in the combined fields resulted in a photography studio that excels at creating content for every level of a marketing funnel.


Marketing geniuses as your photographers mean content creation with foresight, planning, and awareness. Paired with your unmatched service as the subject, you're sure to see a change in the public's reception of your company.


As a team of passionate creatives and dreamers, the #lilac and SirenPhoto Studio offer a unique view of your selling points that is, humility notwithstanding, hard to compete with.

On-Site Pricing

For periodic visits to a location, or on-site photography requests, the pricing begins with the base packages listed below. To get a precise quote, please contact us with details of your desired photoshoot. 



Photographer Daily Fee

The photographer’s fee covers:

  • Travel within 50 miles
  • 8 hours of shooting + 1 hour break
  • Equipment protection
  • Basic edits (no skin retouching or body reshaping)


Stylist Daily Fee

The stylist’s fee covers:

  • Travel within 50 miles
  • Up to 1 week of prop / location prep, including shopping time
  • 8 hours of attending shoot + 1 hour break


Adult Model Daily Fee

The adult model’s fee covers:

  • Travel within 50 miles
  • 8 hours of shooting + 1 hour break
  • Makeup & Hair
  • Signed Model Release