(by Emma Collins)

Hotel marketing has been a lot more complicated since the internet became a prominent source of information. The competition has been much tighter and staying afloat among the increasing number of hotels has become more difficult. 

However, compared to the traditional way of advertising and introducing your business to your prospective guests, online marketing has been proven to be a huge help. This is since information from the digital world spreads like wildfire.  

With the right technique, you can conquer the field of hotel marketing and make the most out of your online presence while building your brand credibility, all by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and How Can it Help Your Business?

Basically, SEO is a series of intricate techniques designed to drive organic traffic to your website, bringing ROI. Traffic is the volume of users or visitors that go to your business website or blog. 

SEO is a more profitable and cost-effective way of search engine marketing than Pay-Per-Click ads(PPC). This is because PPC asks for a fee every time a user clicks to your website, in turn placing your website higher in the search engine results page (SERP). SEO will help your hotel market itself for significantly cheaper options and in a sustainable way.

Boosting your position in search results without PPC means that you will rely on the organic surge of users your website can accumulate. How exactly can hotel marketing for cheaper organic SEO benefit your business and marketing style?

  1. It can Bring in More Customers

Organic website traffic is different from PPC because you can have the assurance that users who visit your website are more likely to be paying customers. 

Additionally, as you rank higher in SERPs, search engines would recognize your website to be more authentic and credible, thus referring your site to users searching about topics related to your industry.

  1. Sustainable Marketing Method

Mastering your hotel blog’s SEO is not a walk in the park. However, once search engines have recognized your website, it can go on for years with a significant increase in traffic. This is as long as you consistently produce SEO-rich blog articles.

  1. Advertise as you Increase your Site’s Value

With SEO, you hit advertising and increasing your overall site’s value and authenticity with one stone. This means that your website becomes more relevant and a more worthy candidate for social shares and recommendations. 

To achieve this, hotel marketers also use phrases associated with the specific hotel to be advertised and long-tail keywords that are designed to answer user search queries that are often detailed keywords.

For hotels, it is recommended to spend a good amount of time and effort in producing good photography of your hotel for the content pieces in your blog. Your blog will speak on your hotel’s behalf. That way, prospective guests can get a hint of your hotel’s ambiance and look, which adds a factor to persuading them to book your rooms when done right. 

Furthermore, incorporating high-quality photos helps with SEO, especially when paired with alt texts, which are your images’ captions that are alternatively shown to users if your image becomes unviewable.

  1. Step Ahead of the Competition

The hotel industry is abounded by competition and SEO has become so widespread that it is now considered a staple of marketing strategies. An optimized hotel website thrives as the other websites are buried beneath the first page of SERPs. 

As a result, 61% of marketers have prioritized improving their SEO and online presence. With SEO, you can keep up with your competitors that are possibly already applying techniques to establish their ranking in search engines. 

Better yet, if you become relevant enough, Google will include your content along with your website URL in a snippet that goes above the first website in the search results. 

This snippet is Google’s way of directly answering users’ search keywords without requiring them to click on other websites.

  1. SEO Gives You More Clicks than Using PPC

We have already discussed how SEO drives in traffic, but did you know that 71.33% of searches are made by clicking on an organic result on the first page? A conclusion which can be formed with this is that users are becoming more and more aware in choosing the website to click. 

With keywords indicating that a search result is powered by PPC (such as ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’), the users would be more likely to choose the first unpaid top-ranked result on the page to visit.

SEO will help your hotel marketing strategy more than you know as the search engine algorithms get better—the promise of this method to give you authentic engagement without much ad expense. 

At the end of the day, you set up your online presence to interact with real people, and there’s nothing better than inviting them with rich, authentic and relevant content made all thanks to SEO.

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