(by Nicky Lehv)

Most of us are stuck at home these days, so what better way to get our travel-itch scratched than by following along with top 10 travel influencers?

The accounts below have gained a huge following of people waiting to see the next great destination and the photos that accompany them.

Some of them have even started trends that made it around the world. Take a look through them and see how many you recognize. 

1. ThePointsGuy 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersBrian Kelly – known for this travel with credit card points, Brian takes advantage of the free miles gained by using credit cards for everyday purchases, and explains to you how you can do the same.

Bonus: He often travels with his husband, and rates the aircrafts and lodging he experiences on each trip. His personal account, where he shares more of the personal side of his travels, is @BrianKelly

2. Doyoutravel 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersJack Morris – currently stationed in Bali, this travel photographer has been all around the world, most recently with his wife at his side. Jack is known for his muted colors and wide-angled photos that allow for picturesque landscape photographs, and his 2.6m following can’t be wrong – he’s an Instagram influencer worth following.

3. MuradOsmann 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersMurad Osmann – founder of the #followmeto challenge, Murad started to bring his audience along for his travels when he added his then-girlfriend to the photos and made it look as if we were all following behind and her hand.

This set off a wild number of people copying the same view, making him almost a celebrity influencer on the ‘gram, but Murad keeps a higher ranking with his incredibly high-def photos and breathtaking views. 

4. NatalyOsmann 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersNataly Osman – now wife to Murad Osmann, Nataly started off her own career and following as a journalist, sharing her journeys with her following. Once the #followmeto challenge started, she gained a following of her own that were now interested to see the same spots that she was featured in, but from her perspective.

Following the both of them is sure to give you the sense of experiencing the journeys firsthand, since you’ll have double the perspective.

5. TravelBabbo 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersEric Stoen – Awarded the World’s Most Influential Traveler by Forbes, Eric Stoen is a self-proclaimed Family Traveler.

He manages to do what most of us could never – travel with his full family in tow. He’s conquered 97 countries and – believe it or not – 63 of those were with his kids. His journeys are obviously family-friendly, and he’s a firm believer that people should #takeyourkidseverywhere, having started the hashtag, challenging others to bring their families along for their adventures.

6. Roamaroo 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersThey call themselves The Travel Couple, and for obvious reasons. The pair travels all over the world via their AirStream and takes us along for the adventures. Their trips will have them bundled up in the dead of winter to sitting ocean-side at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. No matter where we might find this couple, you can rest assured that they’re having a blast together.

7. Budgettraveler 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersKash Bhattacharya – Winning NatGeo’s Travel of the Year a few years ago, Kash is someone you want on your feed if you love photos of new places that are dripping in detail and unique angles.

Looking through his page is like picking up a book on all the places you’d want to visit someday, and having photos of them taken from angles the inexperienced traveler would never think of. 

8. Jetsetchristina 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersChristina – Focusing more on the tropical side of things, Christina was awarded Travel & Leisure’s #1 Luxury Travel Instagram. Her account is all shades of blue – blue waters, blue skies, and anything else to kick our stuck-at-home blues. It seems like she is a knowledgeable source regarding our world’s beaches and tropical destinations. She even has created a line for – you guessed it- swimwear.

9. Professionaltraveler 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersCatarina Mello – Having once worked for Google, Catarina gave in her professional job title for that of ProfessionalTraveler on Instagram, and we’re sure glad she did. She is a self-titled “luxury travel creator” and her feed reflects just that.

She has whimsical hot air balloon photos, muted stained glass window shots, and just about everything else to make us wish we had traded in our 9-5s with her. 

10. Pilotluana 

Top 10 Biggest Travel InfluencersLuana & Fred — Former pilots – now travelers- this couple takes their time exploring each country, creating memories for themselves, and highlighting reels for us. Currently in Portugal, their Instagram feed is so beautiful, it’s like being dropped down right into the heart of the country. Or, what we imagine Portugal would be like, if we were exploring it with significant others. 


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